Justine Fanarof

Fanarof Law

Justine Fanarof was born in South Africa and is a proud immigrant to the United States. Her approach to legal and other matters is unique in that she incorporates her broad depth of understanding of holistic health and what works best in business. She is also completely bilingual in English and Spanish with additional proficiency in Italian, Hebrew, and American Sign Language, allowing her to communicate with and help a larger and more diverse client base.

Justine believes the practice of law is ultimately about relationships, and while people are at the core of all we do as attorneys, legal representation may not always feel like a positive relationship. In legal and business matters it’s important to have a partner who can keep a cool head and an open mind. For her clients, Justine works within the framework of the law while creatively finding alternate ways of achieving a resolution between parties. That is precisely why Justine has chosen to practice law: because she helps people find new ways of working together.

Justine helps laws firm keep employees happy, healthy, and productive with her wellness consulting services for law firms of all sizes. As part of this process, she assesses corporate culture and identifies areas for improvement.