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Judge Elma Salinas-Ender

Judge Elma Salinas-Ender is was the youngest woman and the first  Hispanic female to serve as a state district court judge in the state of Texas. In the month of her thirtieth birthday, Salinas-Ender was appointed by then Governor Mark Wells White as the first judge of the then newly established 341st Judicial District, based in her native Laredo in Webb County. Salinas-Ender served for twenty-nine years in the judicial position prior to her retirement on December 31, 2012.

Salinas-Ender said that when she was a young attorney appointed to the district court she had no idea she would be the first Hispanic woman in such a position in Texas history. "One thing about Mark White that some people may not remember is that he was very careful to appoint a percentage of individuals to commissions or to courts that reflected the population of Texas," recalled Ender.