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Elizabeth Ray

Judge Elizabeth Ray

Elizabeth’s 23 years as a civil trial judge (sitting and visiting), coupled with her 14 years as a civil litigator, and her 4 years in corporate America equip her to resolve disputes quickly, fairly and with an “outside the box” mentality. Her approach is more intuitive and creative and she has had a success rate above 95% in resolving disputes.

She is also excited to provide trial strategy services for trial lawyers. She has been involved in one aspect or another of civil trial law for over 40 years. Elizabeth tried cases as a litigator for 14 years, followed by a career as an elected civil trial judge for 19 years. She also sat as a visiting judge for 4 years throughout the State of Texas. Elizabeth estimates that she has tried over 500 cases to a jury verdict, more than 100 cases non-jury and too many summary judgments to count.

The biggest problem litigators face is a muddled presentation of issues, often a result of a shortened period of time, whether because of court-imposed time lines or juror-imposed boredom and corresponding inattentiveness. Elizabeth can help focus the issues and then sharpen the presentation.